Homemade pickling spice

This pickling spice recipe is middle of the road in terms of taste; not too heavy in any particular spicing tradition or direction. You can of course feel free to omit, substitute or add particular dry ingredients according to taste. Read about how to use Pickling Spice. You may want to double the batch at…

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Maple Walnut Syrup

This Maple Walnut Syrup is a delicious, classic syrup that makes a wonderful gift. There is of course lots of sugar in the corn and maple syrups, not to mention the straight-up added sugar as well, but then, HealthyCanning.com isn’t meant to be a totally purist site. This recipe serves as a good example of…

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USDA your choice soup recipe 002

USDA’s “your choice” soup recipe

The USDA offers guidelines for a free-wheelin’, homemade soup that we’ve branded “your choice” soup for easy reference. They give you guidelines inside which you can “create your heart out.” These recipes can be some of the more useful canning recipes in your arsenal, letting you create jars of instant lunches out of odds and…

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Canning rutabaga

  Rutabaga (aka “Swede”) is very similar to turnip, being just a few genes away. It is round, with an orangish flesh inside. In North American stores, it often has PLU code 4747, meaning apparently just “generic variety” of rutabaga. It is usually sold coated in food-grade wax to extend its shelf life. Rutabaga can…

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Blueberry Crumble 1005